"Oil does not make the dish
but it certainly makes a difference"

The extra virgin olive oil is produced solely and exclusively with olives from the farm. 90% of the oil is produced with oil-millers’ olive groves that give our product a fruity flavour and fragrance. The remaining 10% is made of Leccino olive groves.

Our extra virgin olive oil, even if it is a Tuscan oil with a strong flavour, stands out for its fruity aroma with bitter and spicy notes. Such combination of flavours makes this oil a high quality product. Olives are milled 24 hours after being harvested.

Oil tasting, upon request and subject to availability. In Italy the shipping costs are 10,00 € for orders up to 28 kg of products. For the cash-on delivery payment an additional fee of 10, 00 € will be added on top of the normal shipping price.